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What Makes Us Special


In the heart of the picturesque Shala River valley, there stood a rustic wooden guesthouse, lovingly constructed by our family's hands. With its prime location near the shimmering river and boasting unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape, it quickly became a cherished retreat for travelers seeking solace in nature's embrace. The journey to establish our guesthouse was as much a labor of love as it was a testament to our shared dream. Together, we meticulously crafted each detail, from the sturdy wooden beams that formed the structure to the cozy furnishings that welcomed weary travelers. As the days passed and our guesthouse took shape, we found ourselves not just building a business but creating a sanctuary—a place where guests could immerse themselves in the tranquility of the natural world. Our days were filled with the harmonious rhythm of life by the river. Mornings began with the soft murmur of the Shala River greeting the dawn, a gentle reminder of the beauty that surrounded us. With the sun rising over the horizon, we would gather in the kitchen, preparing hearty breakfasts with ingredients sourced from the land we called home. The laughter of our children echoed through the halls as they helped set tables and eagerly awaited the arrival of our first guests. As the day unfolded, our guesthouse buzzed with activity. Guests would arrive, drawn by the promise of respite and rejuvenation. Some sought adventure in the nearby mountains, while others simply reveled in the serenity of our riverside retreat. Yet, no matter their reason for visiting, each guest left with a piece of our family's warmth and hospitality woven into their memories. Evenings were a time for reflection and connection. As the sun dipped below the horizon, guests would gather on the veranda, sharing stories beneath a tapestry of stars. The crackle of the fire pit provided a comforting backdrop to the symphony of laughter and conversation that filled the night air. And as the embers burned low and guests retired to their rooms, the gentle lullaby of the river would guide them to sleep, a reminder of the timeless beauty that surrounded them. Seasons passed, and our guesthouse became more than just a place of lodging—it became a sanctuary for the soul. Each guest who crossed our threshold left with a piece of our story etched into their hearts, a testament to the power of family, community, and the enduring beauty of the natural world. And so, nestled along the banks of the Shala River, our guesthouse stood as a living testament to the dreams we dared to chase—a haven of warmth, hospitality, and the simple joys of life, waiting to welcome all who sought refuge in its embrace.


In addition to our warm hospitality and stunning surroundings, gastronomy plays a significant role in the unique experience we offer at our guesthouse in Shala River. We take pride in offering our guests an authentic culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavors and traditions of the region. Our kitchen is a hub of creativity and passion, where traditional recipes are infused with modern twists to create dishes that tantalize the taste buds. We source the freshest local ingredients, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to sustainably caught fish from the nearby rivers, ensuring that every meal is a true reflection of the bounty of the land. From hearty breakfasts featuring homemade bread, locally sourced cheeses, and organic eggs to delicious lunches and dinners showcasing traditional Albanian specialties such as qofte, byrek, and tave kosi, our menu is designed to delight even the most discerning palates. But gastronomy at our guesthouse is not just about the food—it's about the experience. Meals are served with care and attention to detail, whether enjoyed al fresco on our veranda overlooking the river or gathered around a crackling fire pit under the starlit sky. Each bite is accompanied by stories shared among guests, laughter, and the sense of community that makes dining at our guesthouse a truly memorable affair. And for those eager to learn more about Albanian cuisine, we offer cooking classes and culinary experiences where guests can roll up their sleeves, don aprons, and immerse themselves in the art of traditional Albanian cooking, guided by our talented chefs. In essence, gastronomy is woven into the fabric of our guesthouse experience, enriching each moment with flavor, culture, and a deep appreciation for the culinary heritage of the Shala River region. Whether you're savoring a simple breakfast or indulging in a multi-course feast, every meal at our guesthouse is a celebration of the vibrant flavors and traditions that make Albania's culinary scene truly special.


In addition to our warm hospitality and delicious cuisine, we offer an exhilarating hiking experience in the villages near Moll Shosh, where pristine nature awaits to be explored. Our guided hiking tours are designed to immerse you in the breathtaking beauty of the high mountains and untouched landscapes, offering a glimpse into the virgin nature of the region. The hiking adventure typically lasts around 4-5 hours, taking you through picturesque villages nestled among the mountains and valleys surrounding Moll Shosh. As you traverse ancient trails and winding paths, you'll have the opportunity to marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery, from cascading waterfalls to lush forests teeming with wildlife. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you on an unforgettable journey, sharing insights into the local flora and fauna, as well as the rich cultural heritage of the area. Along the way, you'll have ample opportunities to capture stunning photographs and create lasting memories of your time spent in this untouched wilderness. The cost per person for our guided hiking tours is 15 euros, and each group consists of a minimum of 4 people. This ensures a personalized and intimate experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of nature without overcrowding. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoors, our hiking tours offer something for everyone. So lace up your hiking boots, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime in the pristine wilderness of Moll Shosh and its surrounding villages.

Boat Tour

Our boats run on schedule every day from May to October starting from Koman at 09:30 AM, sailing through canyons which will take your breath away with its beautiful scenic views. Departing from Zgiboza to Koman at 07:30 am / 15:00 pm. The fee for a round trip by boat is 25€/person. Taxi boats are available anytime for 150 € one way per boat or 250 € both ways. In case of a group of more than 8 people, other fees will be charged for the private boat.

Swimming and sun bed relaxing

In addition to beautiful hikes and excellent cuisine, we offer another way to enjoy nature at our guesthouse in Shala River: swimming and sunbathing by the river. Our swimming areas and sunbeds provide an ideal setting to unwind and savor the freshness and beauty of the Shala River. For just 10 euros per day, your pair of sunbeds will offer you a comfortable space to relax under the warm sun. The sunbeds are placed by the river, providing magnificent views of the clear and cold water, allowing you to enjoy swimming or simply bask in the tranquility of the flowing water. Swimming in the clear and cold waters of the river is a truly rejuvenating experience for the mind and body. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the refreshing water, but swimming in cold water is also very healthy for the body. Cold water helps increase blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and reduce inflammation. Additionally, swimming in cold water can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and enhance endurance. So, in addition to the breathtaking views and the serene and fresh atmosphere by the river, you will also reap the healthy benefits of swimming in cold water. At the end of the day, there's nothing healthier and more relaxing than a swim in the clear and cold waters of the Shala River.